Play a game inside a game (inside a game). How long can you last?


  • Movement - Arrow keys
  • Confirm - Space bar
  • Mute music - M

How to play:

  • Move your character over the in-game arrows to control the square. Avoid incoming obstacles and try to achieve your best score.

If you want, post your score in the comments :)

Music used: Eric Skiff - HHavok-main

Made withConstruct
Average sessionA few minutes


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I really like the concept. The game is fun, but it starts a bit slow in my opinion. You could probably start at the 10 point speed right away.

I appreciate the custom assets.


On that curtain scene, slap a "Loading..." msg. First time around I thought the game was just hung.  

Clever approach, btw. You added both fun and challenge to what would have been an otherwise very basic game. Nicely done! 

I don't know if it an issue with my computer or browser (windows/chrome) or there is a part of the game play that I don't understand...but when I try to play the curtain stays down the whole time until the announcer guy comes on the stay I scored 0.

Hello, I tried to fix your issue. Check it now :)

It worked for me. I do have to wait a moment for the game to load past the curtain scene, but it did load and then the game worked just fine.